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Cards and Frogs in Bern on Sunday

John Baum 23.04.2009
Coome join your team as they look to stay undefeated Sunday beginning at 11am! The Sissach Frogs (0-2), come to Bern to take on the Cardinals (3-0), Sunday at the Allmend. The Frogs, my biggest surprise of the weekend after taking the Flyers to the limit, look for more of the same against the defending champs. Although they played well, I'm sure they feel they should have won at least on game last week. This should make the Cards aware that they need to bring their best if they are to go to 5-0. The Cardinals did look pretty strong in defeating the Barracudas, but the injury bug has hit the team. Alex Cruz Tifa (finger), Philip Kanel (broken leg), are both out. John Baum (head), and Rudy Vargas (back), are both questionable. Cards still have just enough to sweep Frogs...